Livery Schools Link

Livery Schools Link

Encouraging, inspiring and motivating students, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds, can be life changing. It can help to boost their confidence, remove any pre-conceived barriers that they have, as well as help them achieve their life ambitions and enhance their career prospects.

Giving up even just a small amount of your time could have a major impact on a student’s life.

The WCI has signed up with Livery Schools Link to offer our Liverymen and Freemen the opportunity to register their interest in volunteering to visit schools across London in order to inspire students. Only a small amount of time is needed to make an impact to a student’s life, and we encourage you to do so by providing career and motivational talks.

We encourage you to sign up to the programme to help individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds achieve their full potential.

To register your interest in this important programme helping to inspire and motivate students, please visit the Schools Livery website.

Please note, following the above link does not commit you to anything, it merely registers your interest. Once you have registered you will be offered the opportunity to work with schools in your area that require the help, knowledge or assistance you can offer.

If you have any queries, please email:

The WCI has also supported events run by Schools Livery Link where students are invited to meet representatives of Livery companies to learn more about the career opportunities in the professions and trades they are drawn from.

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