The Livery movement’s support for education and promotion of professionalism has deep historic roots. Many of the old Companies have their own schools and have played – and still do play – a key role in setting and maintaining high standards within the crafts and professions they are drawn from.

As a modern company, the WCI has ensured it follows these traditions: education has been part of the core mission of the WCI’s philanthropic work from its foundation. This has involved a mixture of supporting schools and organisations working in schools in the deprived boroughs that are our neighbours in the City of London and promoting quality and professionalism in the insurance sector. The WCI has been a long-term supporter of The Brokerage and we recently celebrated ten years of this partnership. Other long-term partnerships have been with the Livery Schools Link and the Chartered Insurance Institute.

The Charitable Trust has a special Education Fund, primarily dedicated to assisting those who wish to advance in the insurance industry, which currently sponsors the following organisations, scholarships and other projects:

Education Partners

  • The Brokerage
  • CASS Scholars
  • CII prizes
  • IIL prize
  • Into Insurance
  • LMA
  • Mansion House Scholarship Scheme
  • Maritime London Officer Cadet Scholarship

Charity Partners