We Give

We Give


The City of London has a proud tradition of philanthropy dating back to the Middle Ages, led by Livery Companies and the Mayoralty. This continues today with the City Livery Companies giving over £40 million annually to good causes.

Through the WCI Charitable Trust we are able to support a wide range of worthy causes, some large and nationally well known, and many others small but doing vital work in specialist areas.

Education Fund

Education has been part of the core mission of the WCI’s philanthropic work from its foundation.

This is a mixture of supporting schools and organisations working in schools in the deprived boroughs that are our neighbours in the City of London and promoting quality and professionalism in the insurance sector.

The WCI has been a long-term supporter of The Brokerage and we recently celebrated ten years of this partnership.

Other long-term partnerships have been with the Livery Schools Link and the Chartered Insurance Institute.

The Charitable Trust has a special Education Fund, primarily dedicated to assisting those who wish to advance in the insurance industry, which has recently supported a variety of bodies including the Mansion House Scholarship Scheme and the Maritime London Officer Cadet Scholarship.

Full list of educational initiatives currently supported by the Charitable Trust.

Charitable Grants

The Charitable Trust has a separate fund whose entire focus is making grants to smaller charities, mainly operating in London and its surrounding areas, where our assistance can make a significant difference.

The trustees recently approved annual grants to Blind in Business,  FCV Dorcas and Made in Hackney to name a few.

Matched Funding

The WCI Charitable Trust supports members who work with, donate to or raise funds for charity. Any member may apply for matched funding for a charity that is registered with the Charities Commission or the Office of the Scottish Charities Register (OSCR). No more than one application may be made by any member in any period of two calendar years.

In order to apply, a member must personally take part in an activity to raise money for a charity. The Charitable Trust will match personal fundraising up to an amount agreed by the Trustees in relation to each application but not normally exceeding £1500.

For further information visit Members Fundraising | WCI Philanthropy.


The WCI wants its relationship with the good causes it supports to be about more than just money. It seeks to engage with and support organisations in a variety of ways. This can extend to volunteering, representing the WCI at events or involving the organisation in appropriate Livery events.

In many cases a WCI member offers to lead the relationship with a charity, championing them within the WCI, representing the Company at charity events and offering support and advice when required. Members can find out more about this by contacting the Clerk’s Office.

Charity Partners